Greedy Green Skip Bags 
We provide 1 Ton (0.7 cubic metres) Greedy Green Bags for organic garden waste, including, grass cuttings, leaves, logs, hedge trimmings, wood. We deliver, you fill and we take it away. Clean and simple.

Greedy Green Skip Bags Guarantee!
We deliver, you fill, we collect. Easy!
We encourage you to put as much as you can into our greedy green bags as there is no weight limit!!!

£ 29.99 / PER BAG 

Clean and Compostable mater only.

CANNOT ACCEPT - Plastics, glass, bricks, food, liquids, mixed waste, animal waste. No top soil.

All green waste will be composted and reused, No Waste From Waste.

(Bags can be provided and collected for free if you are filling them with metal)